best earphones under 500 in India


Best earphones under 500

Hello Reader, we have researched a wide range of best earphones under 500 and have prepared this list for the benefit of our readers.Please go through them and our effort will be considered successful if it has saved your time doing the research. will help you find the best headphones.


1.Philips SHS390

best earphones under 500

This is branded headphones from Philips and is a very good price for the quality of the music it is offering . It has a 32mm speaker driver which delivers high quality,crisp,bass enhanced sounds.It has couple of bass vents which allows air movement for better sound propagation.To enhance the bass quality it has Neodymium magnet incorporated.Ear cushions are there for wearing comfort also this reduces a bit of noise.

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2.LipiWorld LIPI0272

best earphones india

This is a light weight ,elegant earphone which offers great sound quality and bass.This is suitable to use with all the phones and is good for taking calls too.Their manufacturing quality is very good hence it is very durable.Voice quality while taking calls is also good. very light weight earphone and weighs just 32 gms.It has good customer reviews at amazon and I did not see any negative feedback about this product.

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3.LipiWorld LIPI0271

earphones under 500

Similar to Lipiworld LIPI0272 , this product is very lightweight and offers very good sound and bass quality.The difference between Lipiworld LIPI0272 and Lipiworld LIPI0271 is that this earphone offers more treble quality.This comes with a mic and can be used for taking calls.You can comfortable wear these plugin earphones while jogging and working out too.It is slightly lighter than the above weighing at 27g.

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4.Philips SHE1405BK

earphones within 500

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This is a good plug in earphones and it offers decent bass,treble quality.It has universal mobile compatibility and can be used to enjoy music on any mobile phones.It has an integrated microphone and call button to start and end voice calls.Length of the cable is 1.2m which can be used outdoors.It comes with extra silicon ear buds.quality of manufacturing is very good and you can make that out by its shine itself.This is a branded product from Philips.

All the four products are also the best bass headphones under 500 in India.Our team has used,reviewed and researched these products to provide save you the time to research by yourself.

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