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  1. Awesome sounds.Possibly the best headphones which I have used.
  2. World class noise cancellation.Best if you traveling on airplanes/trains or in any crowded places.
  3. Deep,powerful sound effects.
  4. Most compatible for apple devices - iphone,ipad's,Macbooks
  5. Control your music and calls for apple devices.
  6. Extension to connect to the headphones jacks in flight seats.
  7. Comes with a compact ,stylish case to carry it with you.
  8. Comes with a good microphones.Very ideal to use during office calls while driving/commuting.


1.This is not wireless headphone.

2.No Bluetooth pairing.

3.While using noise cancellation mode, you will feel a sense of vaccum inside your ears if the music sound is less.

4.weight of this headphones 5gms.You cannot use it while running/gym workout's.



If you are looking for a high quality headphones with a good budget of 20k+ INR ,and if you want to use this while travelling/working/take office calls then go for this.Better than Beats headphones.

Best Bass headphones

Bose headphones – a Brand which is like Apple among mobiles,Mercedes among Cars,Brigade among builders! It is a statement to own a Bose Headphones and I mean it 🙂 . This is one of the best bass headphones and best on ear headphones I have ever owned or reviewed.Agree it is quite expensive but it can be very worthy to you if you can relate to these:

  1. You hear lot of music /watch movies while travelling.
  2. You take lot of office/personal calls everyday.
  3. You listen to music while working and you expect distraction free environment.
  4. You work on music editing/mixing/sound engineering.

best bass headphones



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